Energy conversion systems acac-dcac

Energy conversion systems acac-acdc
Energy conversion systems acac-acdc

Energy conversion systems acac-dcac

We are specialized in designing custom products for energy conversion.

F2K and F1K are conceived and manufactured according to the customer’s specifications, to achieve the maximum efficiency in the power conversion process, taking into account the needs of each application. We also produce specific converters and inverters designed for the sectors of avionics, railway and wind energy system, where performances and safety are essential.

  • High performance

  • Flexibility and customisation

  • Safety and reliability

 Power TypeFeaturesApplication
Up to 500 kVA
AC/ACOut. 200/115V 400 Hz
Avionic GPU
F2KUp to 800 kVAAC/ACCustomized on requestDock interface, submarine feeding
F1KUp to 1600 kVAAC/ACCustomized on requestIndustry
F1K-RGUp to 1250 kWAC/ACCustomized on requestHydroelectric, biogas system, variable speed engines
F1K-DCUp to 150 kVADC/ACInput up to 900V / Out. on requestAuxiliary supply
F1K-KEUp to 1500 kWDC/AVOn requestWind energy system
F1K-FCRUp to 600 kVADC/ACInput up to 4800 Vdc /Out on requestRailways