Earthing systems

Earthing systems
Earthing systems

Earthing systems

We provide neutral earthing systems able to control overcurrents during earth fault instances and avoid overheating of other electrical components.

Each product is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specifications, to obtain the best configuration for high mechanical strength and low losses. We are able to provide solutions for systems with available neutral wire. Moreover, a neutral can be created, protected and made stable through our earthing systems.

  • Low losses

  • High mechanical strength

  • Minimum maintenance

 Neutral conditionConnectionVoltageType
T1NNeutral availableDirectly on NUp to 52 kVDry type
T3TNNeutral available3P + NUp to 52 kVOil filled/Dry type
T3NDNeutral not available3P with secondary deltaUp to 36 kVOil filled/Dry type
T3NZNeutral not available3P (ZZ conn.)Up to 36 kVOil filled/Dry type