D. PURE – The Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

D. PURE – The Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser


D. PURE – The Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

D. PURE removes from closed environments any kind of biological hazard, eliminating viruses and bacteria throught the sanitising action of hydrogen peroxide. Designed to diffuse the chemical through air, the devices reaches the room’s narrowes, unhandy places with a single and quick usage, a complete action in attained which leaves the environment totally sterilised and free from biological agents.

D. PURE is compact and easy to carry, set up and use, granting optimum performance in any installation room.

We have been operating in the sanitation sector since 2018. Our priority has always been the quality of indoor public, business and private environments.
FDUEG, a company with over 25 years of know-how in the electromechanical sector, has developed a great experience in this field to design a product of absolute quality, both for materials and for technical characteristics.

D. PURE is a product that emits a delivery never seen before: uniform, constant, precise. With this atomiser there is no risk of wetting the workplace. The IPS’ dispenser undergoes a vulcanization process in order to make it resistant, free from signs of wear and always functional.

This atomizer is of absolute quality, during sanitisation no surface is wet, even in the direct vicinity of the dispenser. We obtain the same quality of performance during long-term interventions, in large environments, with large volumes.

The D. PURE method allows you to operate safely in the presence of delicate electronic instruments, and to sanitise environments such as hotel rooms in a few minutes because no object must be covered or moved during the intervention.

This dispenser was born from the need to make the environments 100% sanitised to ensure the safety of the people who live there.
The atomiser is the next step of the normal products for sanitation, both in ozone and in steam or in hydrogen peroxide. It is studied and designed with the utmost attention to customer needs.

In fact, thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the design engineers, D. PURE was designed to innovate the field of sanitation. It guarantees total disinfection without leaving condensation, operator safety at each use and does not introduce disturbances or cause interference with electrical equipment, whether they are for domestic, industrial or biomedical use.

D. PURE, Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser: applications

PURE is a dispenser that exploits the sanitising properties of hydrogen peroxide atomised in the air. It is designed to enhance the characteristics of lightness and compactness, to be easily transportable by anyone and anywhere. It only needs a simple power supply and is the ideal product that can operate in multiple environments such as:

  • Medical

  • Schools and Universities

  • Industrial

  • Commercial buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Sport facilities

  • Cinemas and Theaters

  • Public buildings

  • Naval

The product has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface on the display, positioned on the machine: the sanitisation process can be set up in a few seconds and can also be stored in the memory in the event of repetitive interventions for a further reduction in cleaning times. The times of activity are communicated to the user through optical and acoustic signals.

The removal of of pathogens and viral agents is almost total: the hydrogen peroxide, atomised in the air, reaches even the most inaccessible points of the room to be sanitised, completely eliminating the chemical risk present.

How does the sanitiser work?

PURE is engineered to minimise its constituent elements, thus increasing its reliability over time: the product is guaranteed for 2 years following purchase.

  1. Positioning
    Place D. PURE on the ground in the room to be sanitised, with a free space of at least 1.5 m towards the ceiling and 0.8 m in plan in all directions.
  2. Filling
    Fill the tank with hydrogen peroxide, through the special cap located on the top of the device
  3. Setup
    Connect the device to the power supply and set the sanitation intervention via the control panel
  4. Sanitation
    Activate the action of D. PURE, thus eliminating any type of biological risk from the environment
  5. Draining
    Once sanitisation is complete, remove excess hydrogen peroxide D. PURE uses Hydrogen Peroxide certified by a Medical Surgical Device, harmless to people and animals. Completely biodegradable, it leaves no chemical residues.
Power supply230 V 10%, 1 Ph 50H z
Power and current absorption1100 W / 4.8 A
Noise at 1 m96 dB
Ambient temperature limits2 l
Motor power470 x 280 x 380 mm
Motor speed20’000 rpm
H202 volume capacity5 ÷ 40 °C
Dimensions1020 W
Mass with empty tank8 kg
Mass with full tank10.5 kg